Fluid Kayaks – “Vaya”, “Chumani”, “Synergy”


Fluid’s recreational lines of boats are of the sit-on-top variety. These boats don’t need a spray deck to keep the water out. There are no open voids that can become drowned. Sit-on-top kayaks are super safe, super stable, and super easy to use.
Current line-up consists of the Vaya, Chumani and Synergy. Other sit-on-top designs are currently being developed to complement the range, stay tuned for more info.
The Vaya is a true kiddie’s sit-on-top.
The Chumani is a one seater family sit-on-top.
The Synergy is a two seater family sit-on-top that can also be paddled as a single.


For more enquiries please call :
+65 97846078 (Mr Patrick)
or email us: enquiries@kanoesports.com

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