Tips for Equipment Maintenance

Equipment maintenance and care:

- For boats

• Store your boat in a cool dry place, ideally in a boatshed with a roof.
• Do not put your boat under the hot sun when not in use.
• Always clean and dry up your boat after use, especially the seat area as bacteria may grow in damp areas.
• Periodically lubricate the rudder wheel area, especially if your boat is used in the sea.
• Always wash your boat after training with a light detergent if it is use in the sea.
• If used in a reservoir, it may be good to wash your boat with light detergent every fortnightly.
• Periodically wax your boat with car wax to help maintain the shine on the boat and protect the carbon surface.
• Carbon boats are light and strong, however, they are prone to dents and even cracks if not handled properly. If unfortunately you find a crack in your boat, it would be advisable to immediate dry up the area and cover it up with a waterproof tape to prevent the crack from deteriorating further. After that you may want to patch it up with epoxy for a more permanent solution.

- For paddles

• If you paddle is make of carbon, it would be advisable to keep them in a paddle bag when not in use. A paddle bag helps to protect the paddle from chipping and scratch during transportation.
• Always keep your paddle away from the sun when not in use
• Once in a while, use a light detergent to wash clean your paddle and apply a layer of car wax to keep the shine on the paddle.
• For wooden paddle, you may consider sanding it and giving it a coat of lacquer every year to prolong the paddle life.